2084 Episode 6: CoPower: David Berliner, CEO

If you were to personify your portfolio, would the companies your invested in echo your value structure?

In this episode Stephen sits down David Berliner, the CEO of CoPower; a FinTech company geared towards investing in a sustainable future, and making profit at the same time.

We talk about the standard risk and reward model involved in typical investing…and then take things a step further asking the questions, does your portfolio line up with the future you want to be invested in? And if it doesn’t, what can you do about it?

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2084 Episode 5: MeoElectric: Zachary Lefevre, CEO

Did you know America’s electric vehicle adoption rate is three times that of Canada?

In this weeks episode of SustainableJoes’ 2084,  Stephen sits down 

with Zachary Lefevre, the CEO of MeoElectric. 

They look at the fact above, and many more, ultimately culminating with a look at the the future of mobility.

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2084 Episode 4: Democratic National Committee William Derrough-Salas (Feat. Dr. Dan Ariely)

We are very excited to release this episode of SustainableJoes’ 2084, as 3 weeks ago Stephen had the opportunity to sit down with William Derrough-Salas, the newly elected Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee. 

They talk about where he comes from, what he stands for, and his overall view for the direction of America. Topping this episode off, is a personal question for the Treasurer from our favourite Behavioural Economist on the planet…Dr. Dan Ariely. 

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A Quick Note

The new episode will be out next week and its going to be a BIG one

2084 Episode 3: The Water Brothers: Alex & Tyler Mifflin, SK Films

Regardless to if you like to drink water or swim in it, I think we can all agree that protecting water is important. In this episode we dive deep into the world of water as Stephen sits down with Alex & Tyler Mifflin, AKA “The Water Brothers”. 

From food to fashion, to rampant fish fraud throughout North America, this episode takes a realistic look at the water based challenges we face, and also brings to the surface positive ways in which you and I everyday joes, Sustainable Joes, can make a difference to protect our blue planet. 

2084 Episode 2: Bullfrog Power Ron Seftel, CEO

Did you Saudi Arabia Is currently selling off some of their sovereign oil company to invest in solar? Did you know that in 2016 the US Solar Industry employed more people than oil, gas, and coal industries combined?  In this episode, Stephen sits down with Ron Seftel, CEO of Bullfrog Power, Canada’s largest green energy provider to talk about the future of energy, and how us “Everyday Joes” , SustainableJoes, can support the transition to renewable energy. 

2084 Episode 1: Lifford Wine and Spirits

Do you love wine? We do!

In this episode, Stephen sits down with Steven Campbell, CEO of Lifford Wine & Spirits, to talk about wine, the world, and how we can make sure they are both around for years to come. Lifford Wine & Spirits is Canada’s largest supplier of premium wine.

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