2084 Episode 14: Chasing Coral The Movie (Part 2)

In episode 14 of SustainableJoes’ 2084, we are proud to release part two of our conversation with the Emmy Award Winning team of the Netflix Original Documentary, Chasing Coral. 


This episode is candid, personal, full of laughs, and alliteration. It was an absolute privilege to sit down with this team, and we plan to release the full / complete recording soon. 


Some big take aways include:

  • How to better communicate science
  • How to reframe issues, both environmental and social 
  • The unsung heroes in this climate crisis 
  • How to get students involved
  • What moving forward looks like.  

Ultimately, from Hot Docs, to Sundance, to the United Nations; it has been amazing to watch the journey of the Chasing Coral! Proud of you Larissa, Jeff, Zach & Mark! 


Lastly, as mentioned in the podcast, if you have yet to see our Indiegogo campaign, below is the link.  We have done the work, you simply have to make the choice. Small Cards —> Big Impact —> Sustainable Future! <3


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We will be back next week with a new episode. 


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