2084 Episode 11: HydroStor:Curt VanWalleghem, CEO (Part 1 ~ Live)

You may or may not know this. A big problem with renewable energy is our inability to store it.

Think about it, wherever you are right now, the wind isn’t always blowing nor is the sun always shining. However, as a society, we are always using energy!

So what is the solution?

In episode 11 of SustainableJoes’ 2084, Stephen sits down with Curt VanWalleghem, the CEO of Hydrostor is a man on a mission.

In part one of our conversation with Curt, we talk about the future of energy. How HydroStor went from near collapse to Billions of dollars in their project pipeline; and the importance of finding the intersection between profit-driven business and purpose.

This podcast is candid, recorded live, and full of value added content.

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