2084 Episode 17: Sustainability Fact or Fiction #1: Oren & Laura Lee, Bunz ISO Podcast

In episode 17 of SustainableJoes’ 2084, Stephen sits down with Laural-Lee & Oren, two Toronto based comedians, who also host the Bunz ISO Podcast. 

This is a fun episode, and it certainly takes a different tone than every other episode of 2084. We are calling it Sustainability Fact or Fiction

This episode was recorded a few weeks ago in SteamWhistle’s boardroom, overlooking the CN tower, and simply put, we had a great time!  

My hope is that as we move through the episode, you will try to answer the questions for yourself, test your own knowledge, and hopefully learn something too.

We will be back next week with a new episode!

Sustainably Yours,