2084 Episode 15: Socially Responsible Investing w/ Mark Chabot, RBC Wealth Management

In episode 15 of SustainableJoes’ 2084, Stephen sits down with Mark Chabot of RBC Wealth Management.

A few weeks ago Mark screened our documentary to his cliental and his SRI & ESG presentation was so engaging, we asked to record a episode in an effort to bring more value your direction…and empower you to ask better questions when it comes to how you invest. 

This episode is the basics behind socially responsible investing. 

Not only does Mark bring decades of financial experience to our conversation, but he is also a superdad, committed community volunteer, and one heck of a Montreal Canadians Hockey fan!

This episode is candid and personal for me, as Mark is a dear friend.  You can connect with Mark at www.MarkChabot.com

We will be back next week with a new episode,  I hope you enjoy. 

Sustainably Yours,