2084 Episode 10: BUNZ: Sacsha Darius Mojtahedi, CEO (Live)

In episode 10 of SustainableJoes’ 2084, Stephen sits down with Sacsha Darius Mojtahedi, CEO at Bunz, one of Toronto’s largest online community platforms. 


This podcast is candid, it is live, and full of value added content.


Some of big take aways from the episode include:


  • How to raise capital as a startup 
  • How to add value via an app
  • How To Scale
  • Product Market Fit
  • What user aligned roadmaps look like


When you think about the future, entrepreneurship, technology, and adapting to make your product stand out and add value, this episode will support your growth!


Adding even more value, at the end of this episode we share audience stories, as we invited our guests from the audience to come to the mic and share 30 second sound bites of the sustainable good they are up to. 



BIG NEWS - As mentioned in episode, we just launched a new product, you can support it here on Indiegogo - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/good-card-co-cards-done-right-holidays-art/x/8366802#/


Please spread the good word and thank you for your support! 

We will be back next week with a new episode!


Sustainably Yours,