‘2084’ EP 20. Sustainability, Social Inclusion & Homosexuality: Brad Wammes & Jordan Whelan (Live)

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit? 


In this episode of 2084, Stephen sits down with Brad Wammes & Jordan Whelan for a very real conversation covering social inclusion, sustainability, and homosexuality. 


Points Covered Include: 


  • The intersection of Medicine and Homosexuality 
  • Male Emotional Constipation 
  • The masks we wear in society
  • “Straight Acting”
  • Moving past gender norms 


Ultimately, one of the pillars of sustainable development is social inclusion, and this episode is a thought provoking way we as a society can let go of traditional gender assumptions, and move forward in a more socially inclusive manner. 


Contact: @jordanjwhelan ~ http://greysmokemedia.com


Of Note: 

Our recording device picked up some random radio station, so please disregard the background inconsistency. 


Be advised, this episode does touch of some sensitive subject matter.




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We hope you enjoy this positive, powerful, and thought provoking episode…a perfect follow up to last weeks Social Justice, Society, & Impact Actions w/ Alex Gill. If you didn’t listen to last weeks episode you can listen here or wherever you get your podcasts ~ http://www.sustainablejoes.com/2084/2084-ep-19-social-justice-society-impact-actions-alex-gill-founder-mendicant-group-live/


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