Episode 7: The Knowledge Society

The Knowledge Society

The world is changing faster than ever. Advancements in technology are enabling a proliferation of innovation, which has a strong impact on the way we live. New careers are being created, while other careers are being automated. To successfully impact tomorrow's world, young people need to expose themselves to the latest trends, network with like-minded individuals, and understand how to adapt to rapid change.

TKS is designed to prepare young people (ages 13-17) to become leaders in their industries. The learning space is optimized for creativity, collaboration, and ambition. TKS encourages students to take risks and think big.

  • Cutting-edge topics

  • Innovative mindset

  • Next-generation learning

  • Building global leaders

  • Collaborative work spaces

  • Network of world-class mentors

Episode 6: Apollon

The Apollon platform envisions a future where anyone can easily purchase a masternode and participate in the blockchain rewards just as simply as buying stocks online.

Masternodes are the future of cryptocurrency. They are just like Bitcoin miners, but without the massive environmental cost. Instead of requiring computers to solve complex mathematical problems in order to participate in the mining rewards of the blockchain, a "stake" of coins is put up as collateral for a server to be able to participate on the blockchain. This type of miner is called a Masternode.

What is a master node?

Picking a master node

Episode 5: Tangem

Tangem is a new smart card technology based on a breakthrough in microelectronics achieved in 2017. The technology allows to store and carry cryptocurrencies on physical plastic cards with a chip and NFC antenna inside.

Tangem Notes are similar to banknotes, like $100 USD or $100 SGD or €100 EUR, but instead, they carry a fixed amount of cryptocurrency, like ฿0.01 BTC or Ξ0.5 ETH — on a special chip inside, called a «Secure Element».

As with traditional banknotes, Tangem Notes are not controlled in any way by their manufacturer and are completely and forever under the full control of whoever holds them physically.

Tangem Notes are the easiest and most secure way to acquire, secure, store, and transfer cryptocurrency.

Episode 4: Hedgie

Hedgie is a real-time strategy blockchain game. Journey with your Hedgie through four unique kingdoms and dig up all sorts of loot to boost your Hedgie’s performance and earn crypto coin!

Hedgies are one-of-a-kind limited edition cryptocollectibles! Hedgies are rare creatures from the mysterious world of Curiopia, on a never-ending mission to uncover artifacts and make crypto coin (Curio).

Episode 3: Presearch

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.

In a world where one company controls 77% of all searches, influencing trillions of dollars in spending, shaping perceptions and effectively acting as the primary gatekeeper to the Internet, a new, open and community-driven search engine is a necessity.

Presearch has an innovative go-to-market strategy to target the most frequent searchers - web workers - and gain early adoption, on our way to releasing future versions of the open source platform that will utilize a blockchain-based index, curated by the community.

Episode 2: Mevu

meVu is a decentralized, peer-to-peer gaming application that will allow players to test their skills and compete individually or in pooled games. meVu allows players to create custom social bets or bets predicting the outcomes of popular sporting events, including but not limited to: European and American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, MMA and Boxing. 

Episode 1: SmartRefer

On the first episode of the podcast we sit down and talk to Brian Daley of SmartRefer.

SmartRefer connects diverse, quality technology professionals to savvy employers using blockchain and a token based on the new ERC223 cryptographic standard, created on the Ethereum platform. Its primary utility is to encourage users to refer job applicants on our platform. Earn REFER by using our platform or developing an application that interacts with our API to perform these actions.