Episode 42 - Seventeen May 1998

It’s summer V SOON!!! You know what that means: yet another season of delectable dad bods, and the best way to do that is by honoring the Godfather of dad bods himself - Leonardo DiCappuccino.

In this episode we’re joined by journalist and OG internet guru, Lauren O’Neil to discuss internet chat blunders, oral fixations, and the thing that’s definitely on everyone’s mind: if all Laurens are psychic.

Seventeen May 1998.jpg
  1. This Month in History: May 1998

  2. Traumarama: Virtual Insanity

  3. Sex and Body: Put It In Your Mouth

  4. Grande Leo DiCappucino with Dad Bod drizzle, Extra Hottttt

  5. Quiz: How Psychic are Laurens?