Episode 2: Twist Magazine June/July 1998

In this episode, we travel back to July 1998 with an issue of Twist and test our concert IQ while working out to Sarah McLachlan, Space Monkeys and Spice Girls, Matt Damon facts and facial resemblance to baking products, big stars and big heads with Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes, James Van Der Beek and the Creek Crew, personal celebrity encounters with Natalie Portman, and in breaking news-- Usher might like sex! Feat. Bay Area rap legend E-40!

Episode 1: YM April 1997

In our pilot episode, we travel back to April of 1997 and a Gwen Stefani YM, and the Girly Mags team discusses Taco Bell effect on white jeans, 'pons, pads and tuna sandwiches, the sexual charisma of Rob Schneider, No Doubt's B-A-N-A-N-A-S hidden history, Leonardo DiCaprio's sex-ed teacher and special surprise appearances by Tom Cruise and Rodney Dangerfield.