Episode 32: Farts (Fart Two)

By special request, our brave podcasters revisit the world of farts. They explore other areas of the wide world of stink bombs, including favorite fart jokes, little known fart facts, and true fart stories from listeners (the “podience”). Perk your ears for a very special treat at the end of the fart talk. Then they move on to a round of Opposite News – cool and weird news from around the world. The yummy snack they sample is Hazelnut M&Ms! 

150 Different Words for “Fart” – HuffPost

Sumerians cracked world’s oldest joke (it’s a fart joke)

Hazelnut M&M commercial

Episode 31: The ‘80s Daze

Welcome back, boys and girls! Fern and Jamie have returned, and they’re starting this season with a tribute to the golden age, the 1980s. It’s the hair, the clothes, the movies, the shows, and the music. Then in Prime Picks, they talk about any TV gems they’re watching, new or old. The snacky snack they sampled was a Trader Joe’s cold brew coffee chocolate bar. 

Dire Straits – “Money for Nothing” song (1985) – with Sting singing “I want my MTV”

VH1’s “Bands Reunited” with A Flock of Seagulls performing

History of the Mullet

Miami Vice fashion

Episode 30: Let’s Dance!

It’s the last episode of season 3! Our podcasters take you back to the days of school dances and clubbing. Fernando and Jamie get into their angst-y younger memories of hitting the dance floor, then share their fave dance fads, films, TV shows, and music. They recorded from a secret location this time, to test a newly updated recipe of a popular American food. Lots of eating going on in this one; they also had a snack review of another intriguing morsel from Japan.   

popping – Poppin John from World of Dance 2017

How to do the running man (old style)

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) dance scene

Seinfeld scene – Elaine dancing

Gregory Hines at tribute to Sammy Davis Jr

Christopher Walken dancing 2001 (Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”)

Episode 29: The ‘Merica Episode

Take your face out of that apple pie and lend us your ears, because Fernando and Jamie are talking about ‘Merica – what it means to be an American, some “do not” tips for July 4, and of course, fave patriotic films, TV shows, and music. Then it’s time for some Opposite News, where our podcasters share brow-raising news bits. And thanks to a loyal listener, we sampled exotic durian snacks from the Philippines.  

The American President movie trailer (1995)

Red Dawn movie trailer (1984)

From An American Tail movie (1986) – “There Are No Cats in America” song

From Team America: World Police movie (2004) – “America, F*** Yeah” song (NSFW/explicit)

Evel Knievel – 1973 jump over 50 stacked cars in Los Angeles

Episode 28: Aliens (the outer space kind)

This episode is out of this world, literally. Our intrepid podcasters explore the topic of space aliens and wonder if there are any out there. They share fun alien facts, and pick their fave alien movies, TV shows, and songs. Then it’s a galactic bout of Who Would Win, alien edition, pitting E.T. against ALF. The snacky snack: butter-flavored Kit Kat. Yes, butter.

movie “They Live” (1988)

Looney Tunes – Marvin the Martian first appearance (1948)

Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs movie (1987)

Carpenters’ song – Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (1977)

David Bowie song – Space Oddity (1969)

Episode 27:  Getting medieval

Verily, methinks this episode will amuse and gladden thou. Urk! Sorry, we have medieval on the brain after diving into the super cool world of medieval films. Listen, lads and ladies, as we discuss knights, damsels, jousting, and such – fave films, actors, villains, and more. Then we pit Costner against Crowe in a Who Would Win battle of the Robin Hoods. The intriguing snack for our taste test is “crazy” peanuts from Chiba, Japan.

Trebuchet kit on Amazon

Robin Hood: Men in Tights - song

Fern and Jamie’s video blog at Comic Con Honolulu

Cable Guy movie – medieval times fight scene

Episode 26: Car talk

In this episode, our podcasters settled down into some nice Corinthian leather bucket seats for some car talk. Like, if you were rich, what would your car collection look like? What was your favorite car from movies or TV? From tailgating idiots to four-way stops, we brought up some of our car pet peeves and even listed some from our listeners. Then it was time for a Prime Picks session – what cool TV shows are Fern and Jamie watching these days? The snacky snack they sampled was an intriguing tiramisu twist cookie from Japan.

Song that made Jamie rush to the dance floor – “Beds are Burning” by Midnight Oil

Read Jamie’s blog about her car brain fart in front of a large crowd

“Christine” movie trailer (1983)

“Cobra” (1986) movie scene with 1950 Mercury Monterey coupe

James Bond’s Aston Martin car

Best driving song (Jamie) – “American Boy” by Estelle w/ Kanye West

Best driving song (Fern) – “Into the Great Wide Open” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Episode 25: So fart, so good

Turn on the fan, because Fern and Jamie are letting loose about farts! From their wild personal experiences to hypothetical situations to fart tips, it’s gonna be a blast. Then it’s time for Opposite News – weird and wacky info bits that caught our interest. Jamie’s just back from the motherland and she brought another cool Japanese snack to taste – pistachio/raspberry flavored Kit Kat!

Blazing Saddles fart scene

Rainman fart scene

Nutty Professor fart scene

Sing – fart scene

Pee Wee Herman – balloon sounds

Article: New Star Wars Coke bottles at Disney

Article: Bees found in woman’s eye

Article: Men’s beards have more germs than dogs


Episode 24: Hurricanes, earthquakes, oh my! (aka the natural disaster episode)

Our podcasters were on shaky ground in this episode, but it was all good, because the topic of the moment was natural disasters. Living in Hawaii exposes you to practically everything except tornadoes, so Fern and Jamie shared their personal experiences with hurricanes and the like. Then they chose their fave natural disaster movies and TV shows. In a windy session of Who Would Win, iconic weatherman Al Roker was pitted against Mr. Kite of Pee-wee’s Playhouse fame. (It was vicious, folks.) And the tasty snack this time was smoky sriracha jerky.

The Cay – by Theodore Taylor

Pee-wee’s Playhouse intro, including Mr. Kite

Al Roker blown over by Hurricane Wilma

Episode 23: Do podcasters dream of electric sheep?

Join Fern and Jamie in a deep dive into the world of dreams. They share their personal dream experiences (PG-13 only, shucks), put a spotlight on dream-influenced movies and TV, and pick music they’d like as a soundtrack to their dreams. Then it’s another session of Opposite News where they share wacky news bits that spark their interest. An unlikely pairing was the snack this time – dill pickle sunflower seeds.

“Newhart” dream finale

Bob Newhart – “Abe Lincoln vs Madison Avenue” (from 1960 Grammy-winning album)

Dallas – Bobby’s return – It was all a dream

Article: What is the correct number of towels to own?

Article: The Smurf invasion


Episode 22: Our favorite badass weapons

Our intrepid podcasters sit down for a session of weapons talk – personal background, their favorites in pop entertainment, and more. Then it’s a new addition to the podcast, called Opposite News, where Fern and Jamie share with each other some funny or just plain kooky news stories from around the world. The snacky snack they popped into their maws were honey sriracha mac nuts. Mmm!

The book Jamie would take on a desert island - Kavik, the Wolf Dog

See Jamie’s ninja stars – The Opposite Tastes Facebook page

Diagram of weaponized baby cart in Lone Wolf and Cub

Crocodile Dundee knife scene

Clash of the Titans (1981) – weapons of divine temper

How to make a paper ninja star

Episode 21:  Nerds rule!

 Welcome to season three! These days, practically everyone admits to having a little nerd in them, but that wasn’t always the case. In this episode, Fern and Jamie examine all things nerdy – how it has evolved, their own personal thoughts and nerdy interests, and of course, nerds in TV, movies, and music. Then they pulled no punches in a round of Who Would Win and threw two nerd icons into the ring. Their first taste test of the new season was another intriguing Kit Kat from Japan.

Revenge of the Nerds movie (1984) – talent show scene

Kraftwerk – “Autobahn” song (1974)

Pet Shop Boys – “West End Girls” song (1984)


Episode 20: The Opposite Tastes’ Holiday Special

It’s a holiday special for a special holiday! In the last episode of season two, Fern and Jamie unwrap their love for all things Christmas. Personal holiday traditions, and favorite and not-so-favorite movies, TV specials, and music. Then on to their own Christmas lists – cool gift ideas and what they’d like from Santa this year. Thanks to a devoted listener, the last snacky snack of the year was Hawaii-made cookies. So delicious, or as they say in the islands, so “ono”! 

See Jamie’s new Christmas cat shirt – go to our Facebook page

NASA shoes by Vans

Fred Claus movie – siblings anonymous scene

Big Island Candies commercial

Episode 19: Just roadtripping

Our intrepid podcasters were on the road for this episode, so naturally they chatted about roadtrips. In the lush, green city of Hilo on the island of Hawaii (aka The Big Island), Fernando and Jamie shared their roadtrip experiences, tips, and celebrities we’d want along for the ride.  Then, they put actor Chevy Chase on the stand for a thoughtful round of Talent or No Talent. When on the road, you have to sample something from the region, so they sampled organic walnut date rolls from a local health food store. 

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert movie clip

Dave Grohl as Satan in the Tenacious D movie

Chevy Chase talk show

Episode 18: The Dating Game

This episode is all about the precarious world of dating. In this episode, our podcasters dredged up their personal dating stories and shared dating don’ts, and of course, dating movies and music. Then, it was time for Prime Picks, where they share and recommend what they’re watching these days. The snacky snack they tried was matcha (green tea) flavored Oreos.


“Friend Zone” song by Thundercat


“The Men All Pause” song by Klymaxx


“Sachie’s Kitchen” tv show on Amazon Prime


“Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” docuseries – Washington Post review

Episode 17: Oh, Canada!

In tribute to their podcast’s second home, Fern and Jamie donned their parkas to talk about the Great White North – their personal stories about Canada, plus favorite entertainers and movies. Then, they put the spotlight on actor Ryan Reynolds for a round of Talent or No Talent. The snacky snack they tasted reminded them of a frozen tundra – chocolate mint Kit Kat.


Double-jointed (hypermobility)


What is “poutine”?


Song “Just Between You and Me” by April Wine


Lorraine Muller (The Fabulous LoLo)


Ryan Reynolds - King of Masked Singer


Episode 16: We all scream for Halloween!

It was a dark and stormy episode with Fern and Jamie, in which our podcasters shared their own Halloween traditions, fave costumes, candy, movies, and more. Then it was a hair-raising Who Would Win match between Dracula and Pennywise the clown. In a fitting end, the snacky snack this time was Kit Kat Dark. Muwahahahaha! 

See Jamie’s socks – go to our Facebook page

How kids judge the candy you give out – Halloween candy chart

Zombie Jamboree song by Rockapella

Excerpt from The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t (starring Judd Hirsch)

Trailer from The Witches movie (starring Anjelica Huston)

Mr Boogedy movie intro

Ave Satani (Oscar-winning best song) from The Omen movie

Feed My Frankenstein song by Alice Cooper

Episode 15:  Hello, ladies and germs!

With alcohol wipes in hand, Fern and Jamie get into it about germs, including personal germ stories, germ myths, and of course, germy movies! Then they pick one of the most famous germophobes, Howie Mandel, and determine if he has Talent or No Talent. After that, the gloves are off for a taste test of kyo matcha flavored Oreo chocolate. 

Understanding Mononucleosis

What is ringworm?

Music video: Divinyls “I Touch Myself”

Music video:  Disturbed “Down with the Sickness”

Howie Mandel stand up – rubber glove trick at the end

Episode 14: Time Travel

In the immortal words of Doc Brown: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” In this episode, Fern and Jamie leap into the world of time travel. Is time travel possible? Who would you want to meet from the past or future? And of course, fave time travel movies and TV. Then our podcasters easily answer the question of Talent or No Talent in an homage to actor Christopher Lloyd. This time, they sample Kyoho Grape Kit Kat from Japan.

Superman movie (1978) – turning back time to save Lois Lane

about Quantum Leap’s final episode

Voyagers! the TV series

The Addams Family movie – Mamushka scene (Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd)

Episode 13:  That’s So High School

The youngsters have all returned to school, which made our podcasters reminisce about their own angst-ridden years at the old HS. They shared their best and worst high school movie picks, and more. Then they pitted two high school movie nerds of different generations against each other in another rousing Who Would Win match. The snacky snack they sampled this time was strawberry milkshake creme Oreos!

Three O’Clock High – fight scene

Chet from Weird Science

Billy Zabka

Matt Dillon in My Bodyguard

Rose McGowan in Scream

Hot for Teacher (Van Halen) music video

Rock & Roll High School (Ramones) music video

Best of McLovin

Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles