Episode 16: We all scream for Halloween!

It was a dark and stormy episode with Fern and Jamie, in which our podcasters shared their own Halloween traditions, fave costumes, candy, movies, and more. Then it was a hair-raising Who Would Win match between Dracula and Pennywise the clown. In a fitting end, the snacky snack this time was Kit Kat Dark. Muwahahahaha! 

See Jamie’s socks – go to our Facebook page

How kids judge the candy you give out – Halloween candy chart

Zombie Jamboree song by Rockapella

Excerpt from The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t (starring Judd Hirsch)

Trailer from The Witches movie (starring Anjelica Huston)

Mr Boogedy movie intro

Ave Satani (Oscar-winning best song) from The Omen movie

Feed My Frankenstein song by Alice Cooper