Episode 29: The ‘Merica Episode

Take your face out of that apple pie and lend us your ears, because Fernando and Jamie are talking about ‘Merica – what it means to be an American, some “do not” tips for July 4, and of course, fave patriotic films, TV shows, and music. Then it’s time for some Opposite News, where our podcasters share brow-raising news bits. And thanks to a loyal listener, we sampled exotic durian snacks from the Philippines.  

The American President movie trailer (1995)

Red Dawn movie trailer (1984)

From An American Tail movie (1986) – “There Are No Cats in America” song

From Team America: World Police movie (2004) – “America, F*** Yeah” song (NSFW/explicit)

Evel Knievel – 1973 jump over 50 stacked cars in Los Angeles