Episode 30: Let’s Dance!

It’s the last episode of season 3! Our podcasters take you back to the days of school dances and clubbing. Fernando and Jamie get into their angst-y younger memories of hitting the dance floor, then share their fave dance fads, films, TV shows, and music. They recorded from a secret location this time, to test a newly updated recipe of a popular American food. Lots of eating going on in this one; they also had a snack review of another intriguing morsel from Japan.   

popping – Poppin John from World of Dance 2017

How to do the running man (old style)

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) dance scene

Seinfeld scene – Elaine dancing

Gregory Hines at tribute to Sammy Davis Jr

Christopher Walken dancing 2001 (Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”)