This week with Lisa out of the office, Brendan takes on the hosting duties as he is joined by Phil and Jordan. From E3 announcements to developers acting up on twitter, to Capcom Vancouver being reduced, even on a slow news week, there is plenty to talk about.

In entertainment news, the crew dive into the fact Sony is exploring a new Men in Black, Schwarzenegger heading up a western, trailers galore at the super bowl. If that were not enough, there is even a possible sequel for Get Out according to Jordan Peele.

In reviews, Brendan and Phil dive into the train wreck that is The Cloverfield Paradox, the new film in the Cloverfield franchise that was dropped on Netflix following the Super Bowl. But not all was bad, with Black Panther being the first critical success from Marvel of 2018, and Phil goes into all the things that make this movie a special release for the Marvel cinematic universe.

As things wrap up, Jordan weighs in on Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch, and how even though it originally came out a year ago, there is still plenty to like and enjoy should you want to dig in on the Nintendo Switch.